It was in October last year that Megan Mackenzie and I decided to team up as a Salomon Ladies Team for the Pronutro African X 2015. I was very excited to team up in the ladies catergory, as I competed in the mixed category the previous 3 years. This year the competition in the ladies category was to be hot, as Carla van Huyssteen (Xterra Champion) and Nicolette Griffeon (Ultra Trail Champ) as well as last year’s ladies champions, Katya Soggot and Chantel Nienaber, would toe the line. Unfortunately Chantel had to withdraw before the race due to a back injury, so the battle was going to be between us and the Pronutro girls, Carla and Nicolette.

After 3 days of running on the most beautiful, exciting and fun trails and sharing special moments with like-minded people, Team Salomon Blondies emerged as the Overall Ladies Champions. But more importantly, we yet again learned to appreciate life, to live for the moment, to inspire and made many new friends. A truly special weekend.IMG-20150313-WA0009

Stage 1 – Two fairies on a rollercoaster ride

Gameplan: Run within ourselves, have fun & finish strong.

How it actually happened: Exactly that and two very delighted blondies with a Stage 1 win

Funny/significant memory of the day:  As we were running down the home straight, Altus, the commentator anxiously announced that the second ladies team was right behind us, and that it was going to be a sprint for the stage win! Meg & I ran our hearts out, only to realize that Altus had it all wrong and that it was in fact a mixed team behind us. Lots of chuckles on the finish line!

Valuable lessons learned: Live in the moment, be the most enthusiastic person you can be, SMILE!

Stage Distance 34km
Time 2h49min
Stage Position 1
Vertical metres climbed 840
Overall Position 1

Stage 2 – Life happened while we made other plans

 IMG_20150314_152051 Gameplan: Dominate the stage and give it all we got!

  How it actually happened: I woke up with a chest infection. Not ideal. At all. This  resulted in me running on strepsils and good memories and having to dig very deep just to  finish the stage. Meg turned into super-duper team mate to help in every possible way to get us  across that finish line in 1st position.

 Funny/significant memory of the day: I specifically remember finding myself in a  particularly bad spot about 4km from the finish.  I was forced to stop. Meg knew… we looked  at each other, took hands and fought our way across the finish line to take our second stage  win.

 Valuable lessons learned: Team work makes the dream work!! It ain’t over till the fat lady  sings…


Stage Distance 34km
Time 3h26min
Stage position 1
Vertical metres climbed 1100
Overall position 1


Stage 3 – The dream became a reality

Gameplan: Hang on for dear life!

How it actually happened: From the gun, we pushed hard to go for the stage win, but unfortunately my ill body had other plans. Nevertheless, we were absolutely delighted with our overall victory and together, we realized our dream!20150315_124112

Funny/significant memory of the day: The cheers from the others runners on the trail as we passed them (the main bunch was set off 75 minutes before the elite runners, which made Stage 3 very interesting) and crossing the finish line together, knowing that we won the race!

Valuable lessons learned:    If I were to say, “God, why me?” about the bad things, then I should have said, “God, why me?’ about the good that happened in my life”  – Arthur Ashe

Stage Distance 22km
Time 1h51min
Stage position 2
Vertical metres climbed 660
Overall position 1


Who made the dream possible?

  • My Creator God – For strength on Day 1, and carrying met to the finish on Day 2 & 3
  • Meg Mackenzie – You were a legendary partner, I would go to war with you any day!
  • Christiaan Greyling – My rock, my training partner, my biggest supporter!
  • My family & friends – Top notch supporters who shows so much interest in my sporting career
  • My sponsors: For believing in me and supporting me all the way to achieve my goals:
    • Salomon South AfricaFB_IMG_1426416421129
    • PeptoSport/Peptopro
    • Buff ZA
    • Suunto
    • Endurocad
    • Llamabar
    • Hazz Coffee
    • Futurelife
    • Runstrong
    • Cebe
    • ActivePatch4U
    • Extreme Lights
    • Liezel Gey von Pittius
    • Jacques Breitenbach