International racing season starts in France on Saturday!
26 May 2016

International racing season starts in France on Saturday!

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 On Saturday 28 May, I will be running my first international race of 2016, The Maxi Annecy Race in France. This is a trail race of 85km around Lake Annecy with its beautiful landscapes, mountains and quaint French villages.

The Lake Annecy Race is an exceptional event that offers an authentic mountain trail with a great variety, from technical single-tracks through the forests to wide open roads and some significant climbs and descents. In 2016, the event has 6000 entrants over the four races on offer, of which the 85km has 1600m.


Thanks to my dreamgivers; Salomon, KPMG, Peptosport, Garmin & Buff I have been fortunate enough to spend 2 weeks in Annecy scouting the route and preparing for the race. It has also been valuable to have the Salomon professionals at the Annecy headquarters available to assist with my needs. This will be one of my toughest challenges yet as this is a pure European mountain race with plenty of very long and steep ascents and descents, very much different from the mountains we get in South Africa. This said, I believe I am well prepared and ready to race hard to the finish line. If anything, it will be an incredible experience to race against the cream of the European mountain runners and learn as much as I can. I will also be using hiking poles due to nature of the course and only the second time during a race, so hopefully this will be an advantage. Here is some of the race details:

 Race facts:


Distance: 85km

Elevation Gain: 5200m

Live tracking:

Start time: 3h30am (2hours in the dark)

Womens record: 9:30:21

Race profile:


Landie Greyling