We understand what it takes to succeed at any level and our goal is to motivate and inspire others to do the same!

We are aware that trail running is a young sport and to find guidance on just how to train for and run trail races is not common. You invest a lot of your time but still you arrive at race day not knowing if you’ve trained correctly. Enough hill training, enough trail specific training, enough mileage??

We aim to assist novice to experienced trail runners to achieve their goals. Let us work with you to realize your dreams!


Depending on which pricing option you choose, we offer the following:

Item Basic Super
Monthly running specific program X X
Monthly feedback session (Skype/ Faceto-Face) X X
Running specific strength program by Runstrong   X
Race specifc planning and pacing   X
Discounted costs to trail workshop X X
Initial once-off setup fee    R  600 / $60  R  600 /$60
Monthly cost for 6 month package     R  935 / $85  R 1,235 / $135
6 Months pacakage (Once-off payment)   R    5,500 R    7,300

*Packages are structured for 6 months or 1 year to gain the full potential of the coaching programme.

Monthly running specific program.

Training plan according to your fitness level and personal goals.

Monthly feedback Session

Monthly feedback session: Skype / Face-to-Face - 1 session per month.

Running specific strength program

Running specific strength program by Runstrong. A Physical gym sessions with Ronel Natrass in Stellenbosch or online strength training programs.

Race specifc planning

Race specifc planning and pacing, for example tailored Otter, African X or Skyrun pacing charts and planning.

Discounted costs

Discounted costs to trail workshop - 20% discount to Trail Workshops held by Landie & Christiaan Greyling.


It only takes a few minutes

Welcome to Greyling coaching platform. In order for you to join one of the courses and to understand where you’re heading, we have to set clear goals and understand where you are coming from. Please complete the online form and try to answer all questions as accurately as possible.