African X, training & more
23 Mar 2015

African X, training & more

I recently chatted to Kyle Redelinghuys from

He asked me some questions on my training, highs and lows, and the future. A big thanks to Jacques Marais and Buff for the amazing images used in this interview.

You’ve just come from a massively successful race at African X, congratulations! How did you enjoy the race?

Hmm this is in fact a hard one. Thinking back to the 3 days on the trails now, I have an immense sense of satisfaction and I absolutely enjoyed racing with Meg. However, the victory did not come easy, as I turned ill on Saturday, which meant Day 2 & 3 required severe mental strength just to finish the race, let alone win. Winning is obviously a sensational feeling, and hitting the tape on Day 3 was also a special memory.     

What training did you do for African X, anything specific or different from your normal training?

My training for African X took place in conjunction with prepping for a 75km race I am doing on 11 April in Australia. This race is part of the Skyrunning Continental Series and I was invited by Salomon International to take part. This necessarily lead to many long hours on the legs, specifically including blocks of 3 consecutive days of running to get my body used to running on tired legs.

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Landie Greyling